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We are a group of students, postgrads, web developers and teachers supporting you to become JavaScript developers yourself!


Our Rockstar Speakers

Agnieszka Szczesniakfavorite
Agnieszka Szczesniakclose

I've been working at Google for 2,5 years as a Software Engineer. My current team creates UI for Google Compute Engine (Cloud). In my talk, I will tell you why working as a Front-end Engineer at Google is so exciting.

Ekaterina Prigarafavorite
Ekaterina Prigaraclose

I’ve been with JetBrains for 2.5 years as a Product marketing manager for WebStorm, our IDE for web development. I have background in Computer Science and Business, and worked as a Front-end Developer for about a year. I love web technologies, music and cooking.

Karen Piotrowskifavorite
Karen Piotrowskiclose

I came to Munich 2 months ago to work at TrustYou as a web application developer. I recently graduated as a computer engineer in Venezuela, and being able to start working in a different country has been a really exciting challenge! I enjoy learning new technologies, but I also love yoga and dogs!

Nicole Philippifavorite
Nicole Philippiclose

I joined Bayer as a Bioinformatics Consultant and Project Manager within R&D IT two years ago. Coming from a strong background in bioinformatics I’m mostly involved in IT projects dealing with all kind of OMICS related topics. Besides my interest in bioinformatics I’m further interested in music and arts.

Prof. Burkhard Rostfavorite
Prof. Burkhard Rostclose

Professor at TUM and Head of Rostlab
The phantastic thing about Bioinformatics, I believe, is that we try to unify two most impressively changing things of modern life - computers and biology. Bioinformatics thus opens great opportunities! Because it is a relatively new field, everything in Bioinformatics is new and so easy to discover. This is a field in which your impact is very immediate. My free time I most like to spend with my family and daughter.

Our Organizers and Tutors

Tatyana Goldbergfavorite
Tatyana Goldbergclose

PhD student in Bioinformatics
Hi! In my work I develop various computational methods – algorithms – to help answer exciting questions in biology.

Jessica Jordanfavorite
Jessica Jordanclose

Web Developer and Biologist
Hey there, I'm a biologist turned web developer who found their love for coding just a couple of years ago and never looked back. I enjoy to draw comics and build shiny things on the web.

Dennis Schwartzfavorite
Dennis Schwartzclose

Master Student in Bioinformatics
Hello! I'm currently working on my Masters thesis about biological data visualisation in JavaScript. Since web development is a hobby of mine, I hope to bring computational biology and the web together through BioJS.

Leyla Garcia Castrofavorite
Leyla Garcia Castroclose

Computer Scientist
Hi, I currently work as a software engineer with the UniProt at the EBML-EBI. I am interested in web-based visualization and linked data. I used to be a lecturer and still enjoy teaching-learning processes.

Guy Yachdavfavorite
Guy Yachdavclose

Co-Founder and a Co-CEO at Biosof LLC
Hi there, I am a guest lecturer at the TUM and a JavaScript enthusiast. This semester we are running a JavaScript class that teaches students how to build their own data-driven web apps. In my free time, I like teaching code to young kids.

Jose Villavecesfavorite
Jose Villavecesclose

PhD student in Bioinformatics
Hi!. I am a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry (Munich, Germany). My PhD thesis deals with data integration and visualization of large and complex biological datasets.

Iris Shihfavorite
Iris Shihclose

PhD student at ETH Zurich
I work on projects in which I apply computational techniques to achieve personalized healthcare treatment. I also organize tech speakers events, which I enjoy a lot. In my free time, I love making new friends from the whole world, snowboarding and watching Netflix.

Christian Dallagofavorite
Christian Dallagoclose

Master student in Computer Science
I breath computer science, eat music and, well, drink water. I live by the saying: Cogito ergo sum();

Dmitrii Nechaevfavorite
Dmitrii Nechaevclose

Master student in Computer Science
I am fascinated by machine learning, biological problems, and applying machine learning to biological challenges.

Madhukar Shankarfavorite
Madhukar Sollepura Prabhu Shankarclose

Master student in Computer Science
I live by the code - "Tell me I forget, teach me I remember and involve me I learn". I cherish activities which requires involvement. In my free time, I enjoy sports like ping pong, badminton and volleyball.

Santanu Mohantafavorite
Santanu Mohantaclose

Master student in Computer Science
Hi! I am from India. I am in my first semester of Master studies in Informatics at TUM. In my free time, I love to listen to music & travel.

Sohel Mahmudfavorite
Sohel Mahmudclose

Master student in Computer Science
Hi! I am doing my Masters in Informatics and very much excited to work on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Mining. I have a great passion in research, especially in the field of Bioinformatics. In my leisure time, I read books and listen Jazz with a cup of coffee. :)

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