Anita Borg Birthday Celebration 2016

Join us on March 2nd or March 3rd, 2016
17:00 - 20:00

@Technische Universität München

Keep up-to-date with visualisation in biology @BioJS



Find out which exciting things you can create on the web

JavaScript is a modern programming language that makes you create really cool websites. These websites are beautiful and interactive, they are surely remembered and visited again. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Google and our own website - all use JavaScript.

This year we are happy to join Anita Borg’s Birthday Celebration featured by Google.
We want to encourage young people and especially female learners to get in touch with modern web technologies. You have never coded before? Now is the time to start - join us for Anita Borg's anniversary and learn the basics of JavaScript!

Join our one-evening course teaching you the basics of JavaScript
Open to learners of all genders
Just bring your laptop to start coding


Students & Professionals

Interested in Computer Science and technology? Awesome, this event is designed for you!



Learn the basics of JavaScript and how to develop a beautiful JavaScript app in our hands-on session



Meet new people from industry and university, and get insight into the life of a Computer Scientist

Learn how to create great visualizations with JavaScript together with us

Thanks for joining us!

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